About Us

Art, true art, is often described as dreamlike or poetic. And in the finest works of art there is always a story, something that brings out an added dimension that takes us deeper into the surface of the medium itself. Such art comes from the soul of the artist who created it, otherwise there wouldn’t be any true art, only simple expression.

From that premise comes just such an artist. Her name is Linda Garcia. The medium Linda has chosen for her art is not well-known even though it’s been around for over 200 years. Sadly, it’s a dying art. Not many people in the world are blessed with the talent, the time and the patience to pursue it. But through Linda, who learned her art through her grandmother, it’s flourishing right here on the Treasure Coast–one precious piece at a time. Every work of art created by Linda is one-of-a-kind, handmade, and precisely in keeping with her customers wishes.

Here is the wonder of it: every piece of art fashioned from Linda’s hand is made from bread–fresh, white bread. The ingredients used to transform delicate, fluffy, edible bread into stable, permanent art forms has, of course, been modified through the years. Today, her finished art is in no danger of losing its beauty or its form.

Think of Linda as a sculptress us of miniature works of art. From the petals and leaves of small flowers to an entire bouquet of roses, or any flower or object you might choose, Linda’s portrayals capture the smallest details. You’ll see them in whatever color they appear in nature, and in any size, from 1/8 of an inch in diameter to full size. You can select whatever you’d like, from a single beautiful flower to a fantasy bouquet set within a seashell, a special base or a family heirloom; all perfect for keepsakes or gifts for special occasions.

As a true artist, Linda will make almost any item for you to brighten your life or that of a loved one. Though made from bread, her art will never die or fade away. As in all great art, you have to see it to believe it.

Whatever you do, at least talk to Joe, Linda’s number one champion, her promoter and husband. It’s a pleasant experience however you choose to see the very special art created by this very special lady.

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